1. How can I apply for CSU? Where can I find the Application Guide?

2021 Application Guide for Central South University has been released, please check on or WeChat official account "CSU-SIE". Please follow the Guide to apply step by step.

2. I am applying for the CSC Scholarship. Why are some majors available on the CSC website, but not on CSU website?

Chinese Government Scholarship (also known as CSC scholarship) is divided into two categories, university program and bilateral program. University program is only available for some majors and you need to apply on both CSC website and CSU website.

For bilateral program, you shall apply directly to the Chinese embassies and consulates, and the major is not limited. You may contact us in advance to obtain the pre- admission letter by sending email to . The bilateral program only needs to be applied on the CSC website.

If the major you are applying for is not available on CSU website, but is available on the CSC website, you can apply directly to the Chinese embassy to your country.

Note: If you miss the application time of the embassy or consulate abroad, you can  also apply for CSC university program and CSU Sholarship.

3. I want to apply for CSC Scholarship (University Enrollment Program), can I apply for CSU scholarship at the same time?

If you cannot be enrolled as a CSC student, school will give admission offers according to the applicant's situation. DO NOT APPLY FOR CSC AND CSU at the same time!

4. Is the acceptance letter from CSU professors mandatory for graduate programs? Where can I find professors’ information?

Acceptance letter is not mandatory. However, it will serve as an important indicator for academic review and final admission. The professor's contact has been uploaded on the official website, please see .

Note: The possibility of securing a scholarship seat will be much greater if you have acceptance letter. Try to get your own!

5. I am still studying at school and will graduate around June 2021. Can I use the pre-graduation certificate to apply?

Yes. If the applicant is a student in school, study certificate must be submitted. If you are accepted, you will need to submit an official diploma when you register in September.

6. I am currently studying in China, and I expect to graduate in June 2021. Where should I go for non-criminal record certificate?

If you are a student at school in China, please provide certificate of school performance (including attendance, performance in school, teacher contact information), and go to the police station in the jurisdiction to apply for a non-criminal record certificate.

7. I am currently studying in China, and I expect to graduate in June 2021. Now I cannot do a new medical examination temporarily. Can I use the original one?

If you have not left China since you took your check-up last time and the check-up record is valid, you may use it.

8. I am currently outside China, and affected by the epidemic, I cannot do a medical examination nor have non-criminal record certificate. What should I do?

As long as you get the relevant documents and submit before the application deadline, your application is valid!

9. I am studying Chinese now. Due to the epidemic, I cannot take HSK test, what should I do?

HSK result is an important indicator for scholarship applicants. Considering your Chinese language ability, please submit your Chinese learning certificate (the contact info of your study institution shall be included) and your Chinese learning transcript. HSK Results will be provided later.

10. What does “A personal statement that has not been funded by any other organizations or institutions” mean? Is there a template?

There is no format about THE STATEMENT I DIDN'T GET ANY OTHER AID. You may write on your own, indicating that you do not have any other scholarships.

11. Do I need to send hard copies this year?

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, delivery of hard copies in 2021 application for Central South University has been canceled. Please make ensure that all the application materials are true and authentic. If there is any cheat, application will be disqualified.

12. Does CSC scholarship also need to pay the application and review fee of 500 RMB?

Only CSC university program needs to pay the application and review fee after initial review passes. Please follow the Application Guide . The fee is not refundable.

13. Can I use Alipay or WeChat to pay the application fee?

Online payment system has been initiated. WeChat, Alipay and Chinese Union are available to pay the application and review fee online. Please pay the fee as guided by the email received. Do remember to note your application number when transferring money. If you really cannot use the above methods to pay, you may transfer 500CNY or 90 USD to the following account.

Account Name: Central South University

Account No:5846 5735 0276

Swift Code: BKCH CNBJ 970

Opening Bank: Central South University Branch Bank, Bank of China, Changsha, Hunan, P.R. China

14. Can I transfer to CSU?

For now, we do not receive transferred students.

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