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International Student Apartments of Central South University are located in 4 campuses, which are South Campus, the Xiangya New Campus, the Xiangya Old Campus and the Railway Campus, with a total of 10 buildings and 1621 beds. The International Student Apartments are designed and constructed in accordance with the relevant requirements of the General Colleges and Universities Building Area Index. The apartments are equipped with  common laundry rooms, common kitchens, elevators, and the rooms are equipped with separate toilets, air conditioners, hot water, Wi-Fi, balconies, etc., and have separate beds, mattresses, bookcases, tables and chairs and other bedding. The buildings are equipped with fire-fighting equipment as required, and each floor is installed surveillance cameras. The apartment building area has motor vehicle parking lots, bicycle parking sheds, charging piles, etc. The infrastructure is complete and campus life is convenient here.

Each building has a duty office, and the entrance on the first floor is equipped with an access control system. There are staffs in the building responsible for the property, cleaning and 24-hour duty.

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