CI Highlight

CI Highlight

Teachers and Students in CI at Diplomatic University (DRC) Support China’s Fighting against Covid-19

February 14, 2020 Click:

In the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus drew the global attention to China. The teachers and students in CI at Diplomatic University (DRC) expressed their concerns and blessings in various forms to those “warriors” who are fighting against this disease. Students in CI learn Chinese culture by studying Chinese language. Although long distance is between the two countries, people from both sides show close caring for each other.

On the opening ceremony of the first “Chinese and Cross-cultural Comprehension Training Course” held on February 4, students who had not yet started learning Chinese language expressed their best wishes by writing down “Go Wuhan, go, China” in experiencing the calligraphy. On February 10, the registration day for the new semester, students said that China will tide over this difficulty. They were all willing to join in the support by pronouncing their newly learnt Chinese as “Wuhan, we will be with you.”  

On February 11, Fundi Tanganika Eloi, director of the office of the Diplomatic University, who studied in China in the 1990s, made a trip to CI particularly to show his support. He explained that there have been false news at present about the epidemic in China, however, he always had strong faith in China on its battle against the epidemic by taking effective measures. Ndongala Nsusu A Mpembe Tresor, who studied cardiology and graduated from Xiangya 2nd Hospital, CSU in 2014, is now working in KINTAMBO hospital. She said that many of her Chinese teachers and classmates have joined the fight against this disease. “I believe that they will win quickly and go home safely.” She added.

Bakatula Marie Madeleine Nzuzi, the director of CI, has been paying close attention to the epidemic situation in China. She wrote to Confucius Institute Headquarters, the Chinese embassy in DRC and CSU, showing her confidence in Chinese people. She also issued an initiative to CI around the world, calling on teachers and students to stick together through thick and thin, focus on facts and never trust the rumors.

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