CI Highlight

CI Highlight

First Council of Confucius Institute in DRC Held in CSU

December 14, 2019 Click:

The first Confucius Institute Council of the CI at the Diplomatic University of DRC was held in the conference room at CSU on December 4.

The conference was attended by Ngekene Pierre Andr Bus Mbil, president of the Diplomatic University of DRC, Anger Lally Ladzub, member of the council, Bakatula Marie Madeleine Nzuzi, director of the CI, Chen Qiang, director of the CI, Tao Lijian, school board member, Zhu Xuehong, vice president of CSU, etc..

Tao Lijian said that the two sides have continuously strengthened the cooperation since the establishment of the CI and overcome numerous difficulties and promoted the development of the CI. It takes time to promote the development of Chinese language studies internationally. He suggested that the two sides make greater contributions to cultural cooperation and exchanges between two schools as well as in two countries.

Pierre stated that the CI was facing an overall developing and improving in various aspects since it was established one year ago. He wished that the two universities and the CI Headquarters could conduct close cooperation so as to support the development of this CI and bring more benefits to people in DRC.

Chen Qiang gave a brief report on the work of the CI in 2019, and stated the current administrative system, financial system, teaching management and cooperation development of CI. Mary Madeleine expressed her hope that the faculty and teaching materials of CI would continue to be developed so as to steadily expand their teaching scale.

At the end of the meeting, the financial budget of CI for 2020, personnel management, financial management, responsibilities and other relevant documents were reviewed and approved.

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