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Recruitment of Alumni Relations Officers for the Class of 2021 International Students

June 3, 2021 Click:

In order to promote the construction of the CSU Alumni Association, strengthen the relationship between international students and CSU, and encourage alumni to have positive effects on the internationalization of the University, we are now recruiting alumni relations officers for the class of 2021 international students.

Here is the notice of the Recruitment,

1. Number of recruits: several.

2. Job Requirements:

(1) Have a clear understanding of China and a friendly attitude towards China, good character and positive, optimistic attitude towards life, physical and mental health, law-abiding, good moral quality.

(2) Enthusiastic about alumni work, a strong sense of responsibility, willing to help the school to contact overseas alumni;

(3) Strong organization and coordination ability;

(4) Stable work and convenient to contact.

3. Job Responsibilities:

(1) Always keep in touch with students of our school, timely pass on information between our school and alumni, provide important achievements of our alumni in all walks of life, recommend excellent alumni, and timely reflect the opinions and suggestions of alumni on our school;

(2) Responsible for the information communication between local alumni chapters and alumni, and actively participate in local alumni association activities;

(3) Updating information of alumni to the Alumni Association in time.

4. Recruitment requirements: Class of 2021 International students from Central South University.

5. All the International Student Alumni Relations Officers will get the Offer Letter issued by Central South University Alumni Association.

Please scan the QR code below to register before June 6, 2021.

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