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Notice on CSU "Message to China" Short Video Contest

May 19, 2021 Click:

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the CPC by encouraging international students to tell great Chinese stories, CSU decides to hold the "Message to China" short video contest.

SIE will offer an online workshop in filming and editing on May 24th. If you are interested to join the contest, please scan the QR code below to join our group chat before May 21st.

Particulars lie as follows:

1. Time: From now on to June 6th.

2. Participants: International students at CSU (in or outside China)

3. Video Contents:

(1) Theme: (preferred)

    ① Study Life in CSU

    ② My Chinese Friends

    ③ Impressive Chinese Culture

    ④ Rapid Development in Modern China

    ⑤ Hot Love for New Hunan (in English)

    ⑥ Unforgettable Stories during the COVID-19 Pandemic

(2) Format: Short videos with Chinese & English subtitles.

(3) Copyright: The submitted works must be original, with no violations against the laws and regulations of China. The contestants will have full copyright of the submitted works, and the submission of the works means authorization and use for publicity of the works.

(4) Content: The videos should be closely related to the theme of “Message to China”, which can introduce the excellent Chinese culture, explore the highlights of China’s modern development, or tell experience during studying at CSU. The content should be authentic and have a strong appeal.

4. Contest Procedures:

(1) Submit Deadline: June 6th.

(2) Students can participate as individuals or as teams. Each team should have a team leader as the main video author.

(3) Each work must have an advisor from the CSU faculty. Students could contact their academic teachers or student counselors.

(4) School of International Education will evaluate the submitted videos and award some of the best works.

5. Awards:

(1) Three first prize winners, each awarded ¥2000;

(2) Five second prize winners, each awarded ¥1000;

(3) Eight third prize winners, each awarded ¥600;

(4) Six outstanding awards (Best Idea, Best Advisor, etc.), award ¥200 each;

(5) Several recognition awards of ¥100 each.

6. Requirements:

(1) Filming and Editing: Each video should be no longer than 5 minutes. (Around 3 minutes shall be the best.) Contestants can use professional camera or mobile phone rear camera to film (recommended horizontal filming, resolution no less than 1920px * 1080px). Video works should have clear quality without watermarks.

(2) Attachment: Please attach a text description, including a 100-word introduction (background, content overview, Chinese & English subtitles), a brief introduction of the contestants (name, nationality, college, major, student ID, etc.), and  the commitment letter of originality.docx.

(3) Submit: All video works and attachments please sent to: Subject: [Message to China | Name + College]. If the video is too large to send, it can be transmitted by cloud storage, please attach the link to email.

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