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Over 100 Graduates Participated in Cultural-Experience Activity Themed with “Learning in CSU and Traveling in Hunan”

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On June 21-23, 2019, organized by the School of International Education of CSU, more than 120 international graduates and over 20 graduates from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan participated in a 3-day cultural-experience activity themed with “Learning in CSU and Traveling in Hunan” in Zhangjiajie, Hunan where they visited such world natural heritage sites as  Wulingyuan, Tianzi Mountain, Ten-mile Gallery and experienced ethnic customs in Tujia, Miao and Han nationalities as well as some folk customs such as Banquet Together of western Hunan.

Those graduates believe that mountains in Zhangjiajie best represent China since they embody profound cultural significance. The sandstone forest landscape with unique quartz in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is unparalleled even in the whole world. The journey began with the Hundred-Dragon Sky-High Elevator with half of the elevator in the mountain and the other outside the cliff. Exclamations out of surprise and amazement were aroused endlessly when students were lifted out of the mountain seeing the ridges and peaks and pines right in front of them.

Coming out of the elevator and then taking the bus to the core scenic spot of Yuanjiajie, the graduates walked up along the stone steps sided by a magnificent view of mountains and trees. It was the time when a heavy rain just stopped therefore the clouds and mist on the top of the mountain exposed everyone to a fairyland on earth.

After lunch, the graduates took a little break and then walked down the mountain along with the steps to the Ten-mile Gallery. The tour guide always reminded the graduates to imagine and discover the stone scenes in the shapes of “the God of longevity welcoming guests” and “old man gathering herbs”. Students who had discovered cheered with surprise while those who had failed regretted their lack of imagination.

On the last day of the journey, students strolled along the shore of the Golden Whip Brook, feeling the peaceful harmony between man and nature. Occasionally, they would greet a group of monkeys through their loose Chinese. Before returning to Changsha, students had an opportunity to experience the Banquet Together custom which was accompanied by Tujia customs performances, program named “State of Ceremonies” in which performers were dressed in Han Chinese Clothing and in cheers and laughter, students ended their cultural experience activity in Zhangjiajie.

The school annually organizes such activity for graduates, exposing them to the charm of China, the culture of Hunan and thus leaving them the most unforgettable impression and memory of China.

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