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The 6th CSU Knowledge Competition of Chinese Characters Culture for International Students Successfully Held

May 7, 2020 Click:

On the evening of November 22, the curtain fell down on the 6th CSU Knowledge Competition of Chinese Characters Culture for International Students. The competition, sponsored by the School of International Education and hosted by the School of Literature and Journalism with the theme of Writing to Illuminate Thinking, Writing for CSU was participated by 11 teams from 11 countries.

Conducted in the form of Q&A and presentation, the competition was divided into four sections: dictation of Chinese characters, Q&A about traditional Chinese culture, presentation of Chinese classic stories, and impromptu speech. In the competition, international students completed the first two sections with a good command of Chinese culture and showed us their excellent learning of Chinese. In the next two sections which require a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, they touched all the audience present with their sincerity and love towards China and Chinese culture.

Chinese people are all familiar with such stories as Kong Rong gives up the biggest pear, Mao Sui recommends himself, Returning the Jasper intact to the State of Zhao, Story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Hua Mulan, and however, those international students presented them in a different way. In the Chinese impromptu speech section, an international student from Cambodia delivered a speech with the theme of My Dreams, saying, I have many dreams, of which the biggest one is to study in China. Now, that dream has come true.

The competition, having been held for 6 years in a row, is one of CSU's unique features in education. Based on the examination of the knowledge of Chinese characters and classics, the activity provides both opportunities for international students to present their learning, and a platform to show the brilliance of Chinese language and Chinese traditional culture.

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