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New Year's Gala for International Students Successfully Held

May 7, 2020 Click:

The 2020 New Year's Gala for International Student was successfully held on the evening of December 27, 2019, in the Auditorium of South Campus. Relevant personnel from the Youth League Committee, the Undergraduate School, the School of International Education, the School of Business, and the School of Automation attended and celebrated the New Year with all the CSU students.

The gala was started by a dragon dance show by the International Students’ Dragon and Lion Dance Team. The well-organized and magnificent program was performed by two groups of people divided by gender, each group in charge of one dragon. At the end of it, a dragon boat made a stage pose, greatly delighting the audience’s eyes. In the first section A friendly Start, international students sang Guan Ju, a classic song in The Book of Odes together, interpreting traditional Chinese culture in their own unique way. Next, Butterfly Rain" by African students amazed the audience a lot. The climax of the gala came when Wang Hui, an international student from the School of Architecture and Art, sang along with the audience a familiar song with a penetrating voice.

In the second section History of Diplomatic Relations between China and Foreign Countries, students from seven countries gave one after another dance with their own national characteristics, leading the audience to experience the exotic atmosphere in a vivid and innovative manner. The dance of Congolese students was full of enthusiasm, fully displaying the African characteristics and cheered by the audience repeatedly. With an interesting choreography and lively performance, Russian students' dance won continuous applause from the audience.

The whole Gala was filled with joy and happiness and expressed good wishes for the coming New Year.


In the third section, "Mutual Appreciation", the magic show "Encounter in the Umbrella" performed by both Chinese and international students surprised and impressed the audience a lot with its wonderful design. International students’ song mix put a perfect end to the gala. They said that they had a happy evening, and the gala was a great gift to them.

The gala delivered a sincere New Year blessing to all the students from Central South University and showed the positive spiritual outlook of international students. It promoted the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and enhanced the friendship between international students and Chinese students. It made all international students feel the warmth of the big family of Central South University.

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