Notice for 2023 Scholarship Extension of CSC Ph.D. Students

Time:2023-05-15    Visits:


In accordance with the relative requirement of “Measures for Management of Chinese Government Scholarship”, CSU is currently carrying out the scholarship review in 2023 for Scholarship-extension application. Here are the details for scholarship extension review arrangement: 

1.适用对象 Eligible Applicants: 中国政府奖学金博士研究生 Chinese Government Scholarship Ph.D. students only

2.申请要求 Application Requirements


For several Ph.D. students who study hard, and have good performance, but fail to complete the study for special reasons, and the scholarship-accepting institution cannot add it to the scholarship plan for the new academic year, they can apply to the CSC to extend the scholarship period. Applicants should pass the scholarship annual review this year and meet the training requirement as completing the opening proposal report and passing the mid-term assessment of the research projects. The maximum time for an extension is one year.

3.申请流程 Application Schedule


Students with Chinese Government Scholarship who apply for scholarship extension need to tell the counselor in advance.


Login to, then enter the doctoral extension application module and submit the online application. Those who fail to submit the application before 5 pm on May 24, 2023, will be considered a waiver.

(3)2023年5月24日下午17:00前,提交 中国政府奖学金生延长奖学金期限申请表.docx纸质档至辅导员处,申请表需请导师签字、二级学院盖章。

Submit the hard paper of Application for Extension of Scholarship for Chinese Government Scholarship Students.docx form to the counselor teacher before 17:00 pm on May 24, 2023. The form should be signed by supervisor and sealed by faculty.

4.申请指南 Application Materials and Schedule


Step 1: Click the website:, to log in Chinese Government Scholarship Information System for Study in China through “CSC登记号登录”.


Step 2: Click the Scholarship Extension. Click “新增” to fill in the online application. Click “暂存” to save. Click “保存并提交” to submit.


(1) 申请奖学金延期的同学必须要完成今年的奖学金年度评审;

(2) 请务必用CSC账号登陆评审系统,否则将无法进行申请;

(3) 如果忘记密码且找回密码失败,请联系辅导员老师重置密码。

(4) 预计2024年1月毕业(秋季学期毕业)的有意申请延期的博士生也要参加此次延期


(1) Students applying for scholarship extension must attend the annual review this year.

(2) Log in to the system with your CSC account, otherwise, you CANNOT apply;

(3) If you forget your password and fail to retrieve it, please contact your counselor in time.

(4) Doctoral students who are expected to graduate in January 2024 (graduation in the fall semester) and who intend to apply for an extension should also participate in this extension.