Notice for 2023 Visa Extension of Graduating Students

Time:2023-05-15    Visits:


In accordance with the relative requirement, CSU is currently carrying out the visa review in 2023 for visa-extension applications. Here are the details of the arrangement: 

1. 适用对象 Eligible Applicants

(1)中国政府奖学金硕士研究生、本科生 CSC master & bachelor students

(2)学校奖学金生 CSU scholarship students

(3)自费生 Self-supported students

(4)未通过中国政府奖学金博士生延期的同学 CSC Ph.D. students fail to get the extension from CSC

2.申请要求 Application Requirements

(1) 对于个别学习态度认真、表现良好、因特殊原因不能按期完成学业、并计划继续在华学习的学生,可向学校申请延期签证期限。

For several students who study hard, have good performance, or fail to complete the study for special reasons, but plan to continue studying in school, they can apply to extend the visa period.

(2) 签证申请时长不得超过最长学制范围,如已达到最长学制,则不可再申请签证延长。

The duration of the visa application must not exceed the maximum period of the study, and if the maximum period of study has been reached, the visa extension cannot be applied.

3. 注意事项 Notes


The school will review the applicant students according to the students' daily performance, and academic progress (including course study, opening proposal report, mid-term examination, etc.).


Students who have been granted an extended visa shall abide by Chinese laws and regulations of the university during their subsequent study in China, and the school has the right to cancel the visa in China in case of violations of law and discipline.


For students who have been granted an extension of visa, the school does not provide accommodation in principle, and the student himself or herself will bear the personal living expenses.


The duration of a single visa application must not exceed 6 months.

4. 材料提交 Submission


Submit the hard paper of Application for Extension of Visa.docx form to the counselor teacher before 5 pm on May 24, 2023. The form should be signed by the supervisor (for master&Ph.D.) and sealed by faculty (for all).