Notice on 2023 Annual Review of CSC Scholarship

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Dear CSC scholarship students,


CSU is currently carrying out the 2023 Annual Review for all students enjoying Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC scholarship students), which is a comprehensive evaluation of the CSC scholarship students’ academic and daily performances. Those who pass the annual review can continue to enjoy the next year's scholarship. Those who fail to pass the review or fail to participate in the annual review in time will have their scholarship eligibility suspended or canceled. Students whose scholarship status has been suspended can continue their studies at their own expense.

一、 参评对象 Participants

1. 2023年9月之后将继续享受中国政府奖学金学生,休学学生可不参评;

CSC students who intend to continue to receive the scholarship after September 2023. Suspended students may not participate in the annual review;

2. 需要申请奖学金延期的中国政府奖学金博士研究生,已经延期的博士生不能再次申请;

CSC doctoral students who need to apply for scholarship extension. Doctoral students who is under extension time cannot reapply;

3. 2022年中国政府奖学金不合格被中止奖学金资格拟申请恢复奖学金的学生。

CSC students whose CSC scholarship is under suspension.

二、评审流程 Review Procedure

1. 中国政府奖学金生于5月22日前登陆“中国政府奖学金来华留学管理信息系统”(线上填写自评。

CSC students must log in to Chinese Government Scholarship Information System( and fill in the self-assessment form before May 22nd.


(1)登录 Log in


On the home page, select "Log in with CSC No.", and use your CSC No. and password to log in. If you forget your password, click "Forgot the Password" to retrieve it. If the login fails repeatedly, please contact the counselor teacher to reset your password.

(2)自评 Self-assessment


Select the "Annual Review of Scholarship" button to start the self-assessment.

(3)填写问卷 Fill in the Questionnaire



On the page of Annual Review, students should fill in the Evaluation Questionnaire first (the questionnaire can only be filled once, please check carefully before submitting), then fill in the relevant content according to the requirements, and upload the attachment such as transcript, award certificate, published paper (all pages), participation certificate and so on.


After completing the filling and uploading the attachment, please check it carefully, click the terms of commitment then submit.


The page below is shown when it is done.

2. 学校将根据4月份组织的年度评审结果给学生打分并给出定性评价。

The school will give scores and evaluation opinions according to the results of the annual review in April.

3. 学校提交结果后由国家留学基金委审核。

The results will be reviewed by China Scholarship Council.







(1) CSC scholarship Annual Review will be conducted only online this year. Please be sure to complete the online self-assessment on time!

(2) All self-assessment information and materials will be recorded in CSC system, and CSC will review the uploaded materials. Please be sure to fill in it carefully.

(3) Students of Chinese-taught programs should complete the self-assessment in Chinese, and students of English-taught programs should complete the self-assessment in English.

(4) Supervisor/Counsellor teacher will give the evaluation opinions after students’ self-assessments.



School of International Education, CSU

May 15, 2023