Notice on the 2022-2023 Annual Review of CSU International Students

Time:2023-03-17    Visits:

CSU is currently carrying out the 2022 Annual Review for all CSU international students, which is a comprehensive evaluation of the international students’ academic and daily performances at Central South University.

1. Participants

All CSU international students.

Notes: Students who are on suspension need to take the Annual Review.

2. Required Documents

(1) CSU Annual Review Form (Student Self-Assessment) (Hard copy);

(2) Transcripts of each year from the beginning year till now (Hard copy);

(3) Other supporting materials (received since enrollment), such as certificates of award, paper publication, volunteer work, HSK, participating photos, and other documents related to school study and activity. Please provide these materials as many as possible as they will be important references for the Annual Review.

3. Review Requirements

Students participating in the Annual Review shall prepare the hard copies of all documents required, and please submit them to your counselor before March 29, 2023. International students not in China please seek help from students in China to prepare the hard copies and submit them to the counselor also before March 29, 2023.

Please scan the QR code to fill in the annual review information at the same time.

Please submit annual reviews both online and offline. Those who fail to upload or submit the documents before the deadline will be regarded as giving up the annual review. The scholarship will be downgraded or canceled.

Annual review link and QR code:


(1)All information on participated activities, awards, published papers, etc shall be listed on your CSU Annual Review Form. Please fill out the form based on all information in the Directions. Please fill out the form carefully and honestly, if you leave it empty, there will be no score for the review.

(2) SIE will contact supervisors for opinions directly. Students don’t need to contact supervisors for opinions;

A. Download the address of the Annual Review Form:

B. Transcript download instruction for Undergraduate students:

C. Transcript download instruction for Graduate students:

School of International Education

Central South University

March 15, 2023