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The Quarantine Office of Changsha Customs Gave a Lecture on Malaria Prevention and Control in CSU

Time:2020-05-22    Visits:

On the afternoon of November 8, the Health Department and Health Center of Changsha Customs gave a lecture on malaria prevention and control to international students in the Century Building of the Railway Campus of CSU.

Lu Shaoping, director of the Health Department of Changsha Customs told the international freshmen that this lecture was aimed at reminding students of malaria prevention and ensuring the health of students, which was particularly important for freshmen.

Fan Zhengxing, Section Chief of the Healthcare Center of Changsha Customs, elaborated on the source, transmission mode, prevention and treatment of malaria diseases in a professional and comprehensive manner.

International freshmen learned a lot from such an efficient and diversely-covered lecture and said that they would strengthen the prevention of malaria and make sure that they would take care of themselves and report any problem in time.

Other participants were relevant administrators from the School of International Education, the School of Civil Engineering, and the School of Transportation and Engineering.