2022 Application Guide to Undergraduate Program for International Students in Central South University

Time:2022-03-04    Visits:

1. Duration: 4-5 years

2. Catalogue and Instruction Language: see details in  2022 Undergraduate Programs in CSU

3. Eligibility

1) Excellent Non-Chinese citizens, with no criminal records and in good health. An applicant (whose one parent or both are Chinese citizens settling abroad) born with a foreign nationality applying for admission as a foreign student, must hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for more than 4 years, and within the last 4 years (up to April 30 in the year of admission), one shall have a record of living abroad for more than 2 years (the actual residence for 9 months in a year can be calculated as 1 year). The calculation is based on entry and exit stamps. Proof of the renunciation of Chinese nationality is required.

2) Applicants must hold a high school degree or its equivalent and should be 18-25 years old(born before May 30, 2004). Applicants who are under the age of 18 shall be no less than 16 years old with an eligible guardian living in China.

3) Language requirements: students who apply for majors of science and engineering should obtain a minimum score of 220 in HSK4; for major of Chinese language and literature, a minimum score of 200 in HSK5, and for medical and other majors of arts, a minimum score of 260 in HSK4. Students who cannot meet the requirement of Chinese competence shall take a one-year preparatory course of the Chinese language and meet relevant Chinese language standards before embarking on their programs. Applicants who have taken a degree program whose instruction language is Chinese are exempt from proving their linguistic competence.

4. 2022 Charging Standard

Please refer to Charging Standards of Central South University.pdf

5. Financial Types

Funding Categories Coverage Application Time
Bilateral Programs of Chinese Government Scholarship(type A)
Note: see more on “CSC Scholarship-Bilateral Program”
Full scholarship covers tuition, accommodation fee, medical insurance, and living expenses.
Partial scholarship includes parts of Full scholarship.
From now on to April 30, 2022
Central South University Scholarship (A Few) Full scholarship covers tuition, accommodation fee, medical insurance, and living expenses.
Partial scholarship includes parts of Full scholarship.
From now on to June 15, 2022
Self-Supporting None From now on to June 15, 2022

6. Materials Required:

1) Applicants are required to upload a video of self-introduction within one minute, and those who have got HSK certificates must use Chinese to introduce themselves. The video must be in MP4 format with a capacity of less than 40MB.  

2) Photocopy of the first page of passport (Over one-year availability)

3) Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Record. Applicants should strictly be examined in accordance with the requirement of  Physical Examination Record.pdf. Incomplete form (including sheets with no photos, no signs, and stamps of physicians and hospitals) is regarded as invalid. The examination date shall be after December 1, 2021. The original record is required during registration.

4) Photocopy of Highest Graduation Certificate (or notarized Chinese/English translated document). If the applicant is currently a student, the pre-graduation certificate issued by school is required.

5) Transcript of the Highest Diploma (or notarized Chinese/English translated document).

6) Stamped Non-criminal Record. The issue date shall be after December 1, 2021.

7) Transcript of HSK or other documents to prove your linguistic competence.

8) Applicants under the age of 18 but above 16 must provide ID certificates, employment certificates, and a letter of commitment of the guardian living in China.

9) Bank deposit certificate. Make sure there are more than CNY 50,000 on the account of the applicant. (Only for applicants who apply for self-supporting programs).

10) Statement of not receiving any scholarships or forms of funding.

11) Other supporting materials. e.g. Applicants who apply to design-related majors are required to provide drawings or other materials.

7. Application Procedures

Step 1: Online Application

Log in to the homepage of School of International Education: https://intl.csu.edu.cn/index.htm, click APPLY NOW, fill in the application form, submit the materials online and wait for the results (about 2-4 weeks).

Step 2: Pay the Application Fee

After passing the online preliminary review, please complete the application fee payment within two weeks, otherwise the application cannot continue. If you fail to pass the initial review, NO NEED to pay this fee.

Step3: Final Review and Result Release

According to the application situation, the students will be reviewed for final admission results, and the admission letter and visa application form will be sent according to the final admission results. Application status will be informed in the CSU China International Student Service System, please keep yourself informed by checking the Application System on time. The final Financial type will be subject to the Admission Letter.    

8. Notes

1) The materials mentioned above shall be provided in English or Chinese. Materials in any other languages should be notarized in Chinese or English.

2) The application fee will not be returned regardless of admission results. Applicants who have passed the final review are not guaranteed for the scholarship and only the most prospective ones will be offered the scholarship. The final Financial type will be subject to the Admission Letter. Applicants will be disqualified as soon as they are found providing forgery materials.

9. Contacts

Admission Office, School of International Education, CSU

Address: Library 214, Main Campus of Central South University, 932 Lushan South Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province

Tel:+86-731-88836410, (non-medical majors consultation), 82650391(medical majors consultation)


Email: admissions@csu.edu.cn


https://intl.csu.edu.cn/zwb.htm (Chinese)

https://intl.csu.edu.cn/index.htm (English)