Notice on the Annual Review of 2020 CSU Scholarship

Time:2020-03-22    Visits:

To all CSU scholarship students:

CSU is currently carrying out the annual review for CSU scholarship students. Annual review is a comprehensive evaluation of the students in our university. If CSU scholarship student fails to pass the evaluation, the scholarship will be downgraded or suspended.

CSU Scholarship Annual Review

The annual review is limited to all CSU scholarship students who have studied in CSU for more than ONE semester, including preparatory Chinese language learning students now. Students graduating in 2020 do not need to attend annual review.

Students participating in the Annual Review must prepare the document required and complete the following questionnaire before April 30:

Document required:

1Annual Review Form

2Electronic files of transcripts from the beginning year to the present

3Graduate students need to provide screenshots of asking their supervisor to sign comments on the Review Form

4supporting material (optional)

Please complete the questionnaire , and upload the document package in RAR/ZIP format in the questionnairebefore April 30. File name must be as“Student ID-Chinese Name”.The consequences shall be borne by the student if the materials are lost due to the incorrect naming.Those who fail to complete the questionnaire or submit the materials after the deadline, or do not meet the requirements for uploading the materials will be deemed to automatically give up the scholarship.

Download address of the Annual Review Form:

Transcript download address for Undergraduate students:


Transcript download address for Graduate students:

Note: For self-supported students who want to apply for CSU scholarship, please refer to the above process.

School of International Education

Central South University

April 19, 2020