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Feature: Foreign students in China extend warm wishes for Winter Olympics

Time:2022-02-03    Visits:

CHANGSHA, Feb. 2 (Xinhua) -- "China is my second home country," said Zafran Waheed, a Pakistani student who has been in China for four years, adding he believes China has "the capability to successfully host such mega-events" like the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

Waheed, who majors in Computer Science and Technology in Central South University in the central Chinese province of Hunan, said despite difficulties to "organize and host big competitions like Olympics," he has witnessed and believed in China's competence.

For instance, Waheed said during the COVID-19 pandemic, he "captured all the situation under the pandemic from my eyes" in China.

To effectively prevent this virus, "every Chinese citizen, along with foreigners in China, has played their essential role for the prevention of the coronavirus," he added.

"The Chinese government has strong organizational capabilities," he noted, adding that "this kind of national governance should be of value to many countries in the world."

"I wish all the Olympic athletes good luck in Beijing and hope they achieve good results, and have the best time of their lives in China," Waheed said.

Similarly, Aminu Umar Faruk, another foreign student at Central South University, said the Beijing Winter Olympics will not only show the efficiency of the Chinese government in areas like handling the COVID-19 despite a huge population but also "the trust and confidence the Chinese people have in their government."

"It would also help China improve its image and credibility internationally," Faruk added.

Meanwhile, after living in China for three years, Nina Matoshina, a Russian student at Central South University, was especially impressed by China's online technology and high-speed rail.

"China's high-speed rail impresses me most. Back in my hometown, we do not have high-speed rail, which makes the long journey very tiring. China's high-speed rail is very fast and safe," she said.

Also, "China has done a good job in the COVID-19 prevention and control. I feel very safe now in China," she added.

Regarding the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the Russian said this global sports event "not only provides sports athletes from all countries (and regions) with an arena to excel themselves but also builds the best platform for promoting exchanges, enhancing mutual understanding and upholding world peace."

"I wish this Winter Olympics a big success and all athletes could tag their potential," Matoshina added.

(Source: Xinhua Net)